Be Dumb to be a Good Writer

If you are dumb enough to visit Google and ask how to be a writer  (which our school has been teaching us to write since toddlers) then congratulations! You just complete the first task of being a writer, which is being dumb!

You know you are foolish when you choose writing than pursuing other high paying careers. Many people think writers are wordsmiths and walking dictionaries, but I believe they are the least intelligent people on the planet!

And guess what? There is nothing wrong with that. If you are foolish enough to have these four characteristics below, you are qualified to be the next top writer. 

  1. You keep on writing desperately

We have 24 hours per day. How are you going to spend these precious 1,440 minutes? You can use the time to hang out with your friends, collect the seven dragon balls and wait for your girlfriend to finish her makeup. Nobody is stopping you from filling your schedule with fun and games. 

But when will you start writing? Ah, I will write after my afternoon nap to gather my energy to write! You tell yourself.

To be a writer, you have to keep on writing, writing, and writing! You have to survive the lingering loneliness of sitting in your desk all-day or go through sleepless nights with writer’s block. It requires time and sacrifice. You could have used the time to be a decent human being, but you choose to write the fate of your fictional characters. How dumb! 

  1. You feel stupid enough that you starve for knowledge

A friend of mine storms into the classroom with a sheer aura of overconfidence. She never listens to anyone, including that one time when I pointed out her wrong answer on the whiteboard. What did she get in the end? A friendly tease from the teacher, but that must’ve rubbed her ego in some sort of way.

To be a writer, you have to crave knowledge. You cannot feel like you are smart enough to write something. You can sign up for free writing online courses in Udemy, Edx or refer to this list for more options. 

Moreover, reading is also one way to become a writer. Read books and other people’s works. Never feel entitled by your own story or blog that you choose to ignore other people’s work coming before you. 

 This short bible verse talks about how overconfidence and entitlement destroys a man.

Proverbs 26:12 

Do you see a person wise in their own eyes?.There is more hope for a fool than for them.

  1. You don’t whine like what other people do

Today I get 5 missed calls from a friend that needs to whine about her university life. My friends love to remind me that getting things out of their system makes them feel better, so they don’t waste any time sharing their nosy classmates and strict professor. Why do people whine? Because it makes them feel better. Even researchers claim that children whine to express their feelings.

As writers, we should be dumb enough to store up all our pent up feelings and frustrations to ourselves. I am not against you sharing with a friend about your struggles, but I learn that whining does not get me anywhere. Even though my chest is lighter afterward, I’m still stuck in the same position or in the worse case, becomes even more unmotivated after the pity party.

  1. Putting yourself out there is not scary for you

When I was in the fourth grade, my friends and I signed up for the school talent show.  We couldn’t sing or dance, and it didn’t help when we choose Sonic Heroes as our theme song. With its corny lyrics and cheesy beat, we practiced offhandedly with no guidance. 

There was poor planning on our part. We forgot to plan a choreograph for the last twenty seconds of the song. When that occurred, my friends were frozen on stage like an obedient statue. On the heat of the moment, I freaking improvised. I was able to pull that off as an eight-year-old.

Now that I am twenty-one, I’m afraid to walk out of the house using tight shirts because the fabric will highlight my belly fat. It’s very ironic – the older you are, the more afraid you become. A writer in Quora claims that the older we are, the more we have to lose. As an adult, we all fear our ego being brushed off. 

To be a good writer, you must stop being an adult and be a kid. Go put yourself out there. If we don’t promote our story/blog, who is going to read it? If you are afraid to ask feedback from other writers, when will you grow? Do you expect people to find your work in the fast-paced worldwide web? Dream not. 

You can share your writing on social media and ask feedback from family and friends. If you blog, do guest postings and connect with other writers.

So next time if you feel like you are smart enough being a writer, think twice because maybe we need a little bit dumber to be one! Set your pride aside and start writing!

Be Dumb to be a good writer

Published by Caroline Natasia Cahyadi

I am an adult, yet I spend my free time crying over fictional characters, eating chocolate and thanking Jesus Christ for dying on the cross for a crybaby like me.

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